Rental Terms and Conditions

I. Leonards Music LLC holds the title of ownership until this instrument is paid for in full. I am responsible for this instrument until it is returned to Leonards Music.
II. Instruments are rented on a monthly basis, payable in advance. There are no refunds and rental payments are not prorated. Rent is due on the account until the instrument is returned to us, regardless of whether or not an instrument is being used.
III. For those customers who choose to pay by check, please note that we do not bill. An email reminder will be sent out once a month.
IV. A $25.00 fee will be charged for each returned check.
V. If I decide not to continue this contract at any time, it is my sole responsibility to make sure that the instrument I am renting is promptly returned to Leonards Music LLC. My child's school is not a party to this transaction. I will schedule a pick up or drop off with Leonards Music.
VI. All routine maintenance will be performed by Leonards Music LLC for as long as I am renting the instrument and my account is in good standing. Any damage caused by abuse, neglect, or improper repairs performed by anyone other than Leonards Music, LLC, will be paid for by me; Leonards Music, LLC is not responsible. Any and all fees are to be at the discretion of Leonards Music LLC.
VII. In the event that this instrument is damaged, lost, or stolen; I agree to either pay for the necessary repairs or to pay the full MSRP minus any payments already made. Insurance against fire, theft, and accidental damage is available at my option.
VIII. A. All band and full size string instruments are rent to own; length of contract is indicated above. I may purchase the instrument within the first 12 months at a 35% discount off the remaining balance. After the first 12 months the discount will be 25% off the remaining balance.
B. Fractional string instruments are lease only. String instruments can be traded for a larger size at any time and all payments made can be applied towards the purchase of a full-size instrument. If I purchase a string rental deal, the ‘free’ months have no cash value and are void upon purchase of the instrument. After the
“Special” expires, standard monthly rates will apply, beginning on _________________. String specials are paid in full up front and are non-refundable.
IX. I agree to notify Leonards Music LLC of any changes in my address, telephone number(s), employment information, or credit card number and expiration date within 30 days.
X. A late fee of $5.00 will be charged to my account for each monthly payment that is more than 30 days past due.
XI. For accounts that remain unpaid for more than 30 days, the remaining balance of the contract and any late fees may be charged to any current credit card listed on file or turned over to a collection agency at the option of Leonards Music LLC. Any collection expenses will be paid by me.
XII. If I choose to discontinue this contract at any time, I will return the instrument to Leonards Music LLC in the same condition it was rented to me (excluding reasonable wear and tear). I will return the instrument with ALL accessories that were given to me at time of rental. If I do not return all of the given accessories and payment is not made within 14 days, the credit card on file will be charged full retail price of the items.
XIII. When the instrument is returned to Leonards Music LLC, this contract will be terminated and all money previously paid towards the purchase price of the instrument is forfeited. For this reason,it is suggested that instruments continue to be rented over the summer months.
XIV. Accepting possession of a rental instrument constitutes agreement with the terms of this contract.

Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage Insurance Terms and Conditions

I. Damage to the rented instrument will be repaired to proper playing condition unless caused by deliberate destruction, abuse or neglect. Coverage does not apply to deterioration of appearance, which does not affect the performance of the instrument; such as scratches, minor dents, and finish.
II. Any and all damage will be assessed by Leonards Music LLC to determine insurance coverage.
III. Leonards Music LLC reserves the right to be the sole judge of any repair costs not covered by insurance or replacement of damaged instrument.
IV. In the event of loss through theft, total destruction by fire or accident, the instrument will be replaced with one of equal quality, age and value, as determined by Leonards Music LLC. The insurance will only cover one replacement instrument.
V. This insurance does not include: mouthpieces, ligatures, mouthpiece caps, reeds, swabs, neck straps, grease, oil, string breakage (after the first 14 days of the rental agreement), rosin, bows, mallets, drumsticks, drum heads, stands or cases, with the exception of full percussion kit cases.
VI. All repairs and replacements of the rented instrument under this coverage must be made by Leonards Music LLC. Evidence of outside repair will void this coverage and I will be responsible for all costs incurred to repair or replace the instrument.
VII. If Leonards Music LLC determines that there is a pattern of abuse, Leonards Music LLC has the right to rescind future insurance coverage.
VIII. If your instrument is stored in a case or bag not provided or approved by Leonards Music LLC, the Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage Insurance is voided. Please contact Leonards Music LLC for more information.
IX. Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage Insurance is voided if the instrument is transported by air or taken out of the United States without prior authorization from Leonards Music LLC.
X. Loss due to theft of the instrument must be reported to Leonards Music LLC and the police within 48 hours of loss. A copy of the police report must be submitted to Leonards Music LLC within 10 days. The insurance does not cover mysterious disappearance or by any circumstances in which breaking and entering is not a factor.
XI. Loss due to fire must be reported to Leonards Music LLC and the local fire department within 48 hours. Proof of loss must be submitted to Leonards Music LLC within 10 days.
XII. I cannot add this insurance after my rental contract has begun, however, I may cancel this insurance at any time. Any changes made in regards to insurance require filling out a new insurance form.
XIII. Failure to pay the insurance fee will terminate my coverage automatically.
XIV. Once I have purchased this instrument, the insurance coverage will expire. All costs for maintenance and repairs are to be paid for by the owner of the instrument at that time.